COVID-19 – Is it still safe to test drive a car with Car Hero +?

March 21, 2020

With everyone on high alert due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we at Car Hero + want to make sure that you can still safely purchase a car.

So here are some FAQs around buying a car through Car Hero + while coronavirus (COVID-19) is on the loose:

Is it safe to test drive a car at Car Hero +?

Yes – We disinfect the interior and exterior surfaces of all our cars prior to and post test drives using disinfectant wipes. This includes the door handles, seat belt (catch and strap), steering wheel, gear stick, wiper lever, indicator lever, instrument panel, air con control, boot catch, and stereo controls. Even the keys!  Pretty much any surface that is touched during a test drive and inspection.

Prior to the test drive, we request that all customers use the hand sanitiser provided or engage in a thorough hand washing procedure at our office.  During the test drive, only a driver and one passenger are permitted in the vehicle per test drive.  They are to sit in the front seats and our staff member will sit in the back passenger side to exercise social distancing.

Can I buy and sell my car with you over the phone without leaving my home?

Yes – We do this every day. There really is no better way of buying your new car.  Our whole service can be done over the phone.  So you don’t even have to let self-isolation stop you from buying a new car!  The only bits that require any contact are test drives (if you choose to do one and are obviously not still in self-isolation) and delivery of your vehicle.  At delivery we will undertake a disinfectant process as per a test drive, and will be happy to practice social distancing to limit contact between staff and customers.  Don’t be offended if we don’t shake hands, it’s not personal!  But we are happy to foot tap or elbow bump if you fancy it (we have been practicing)!  Here’s a list of other alternative greetings if you want to give them a go – we are happy to try something new!

If I have cold or flu symptoms (or I’m fresh off a cruise) can I visit your office?

Nope – Again it’s nothing personal! We welcome visitors to our office and are running a safe office environment for our staff, partners and customers. We will be practicing social distancing to ensure we have limited chance of anything being shared (besides great advice) so no hand shakes, but we are happy to try out some alternative greetings if you fancy!

These are crazy times but we will be working hard to ensure nothing gets in the way of our customers having a wonderful customer service experience.  Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email if you have any questions!

Yours in health,

The team at Car Hero +