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Buyer beware – you could be unknowingly buying a written off car!

June 23, 2021

Often the mainstay of the back yard car dealers, shonky used car yards and unwitting private sellers, written off cars are for sale every day. In many cases, they are incredibly dangerous. As a licenced and reputable car dealer, at Car Hero + our very first priority is the safety of our customers and other road users. So what makes a repairable write off so dangerous? There are a number of reasons a vehicle can...

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Rental fleet clearance!

April 12, 2020

In partnership with our fleet client, Hertz, we are having a huge rental car clearance! This is not a one-off sales event that you see across many dealerships when it’s quiet or they just need to sell more cars. This is here to stay while Hertz have hundreds of cars across Queensland they are clearing. We are looking at over 500 vehicles over the next six months and these must be the cheapest cars in...

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