The New Business Model: Buying Cars Online

January 16, 2022


In an over-populated landscape of car dealers, we stand out by listening to you, evolving, and giving you what you want. So here goes…we are making buying cars online easier!

Did you know, a lot of our customers don’t see our cars in person before delivery?  And the ones that do, book a day and time to take a test drive and can travel for several hours to hang out with us and buy their new wheels.


Because our reputation precedes us. We consistently receive 5-star reviews from our customers because we give them the best service in the industry, and when you buy a car from Car Hero + you know you are getting exactly what was advertised and that it’s a product you can trust.

Because of how we do business, this year we are evolving from a traditional car dealer display, to a state-of-the-art website, with stock in secure storage just 6 mins drive from our new office.

So what does this mean for our customers?

Our data shows us that none of our customers want to see every car we have in stock in person.  They might want to see one or two, or just be happy with watching our comprehensive vehicle tour videos and buying their car online.  So there’s no point in having a big site with all the vehicles on display.

This will mean that Car Hero + can pay, on average, 25% of the cost of a traditional car dealer for office space and vehicle storage. With viewing by appointment, you are not only guaranteed world-class customer service, but also pricing that is incredibly hard to beat.

So why don’t all dealers allow buying cars online?

Because they have been doing the same thing for decades. That’s a big habit to break and some people are just afraid of change. If you think of the changes in technology even in the last 50 years, those companies that didn’t change with the times, ended up left behind or worse.

As of 1 February 2022, we are 100% viewing by appointment or buy online.

With our stock only 6 mins away, by the time you get to our office, the car you want to see will be there and ready for you to test drive. We think it is going to be pretty awesome.

Come and check out our new offices and feel free to get in contact with any questions about our new business model.  We can’t wait to look after you!