Taking off and hanging out with the new MG HS

April 13, 2020

At Car Hero + when we thought of MG, we imagined a small 2 door sports car. It was the sporty cousin of the British royalty of cars!  They were awesome cars a long time ago and the originals still have a huge cult following.

But as times change, things evolve, like our war bird in the background. This looks awesome, and no doubt would be incredibly fun to drive, just like the original MGB or the newer MGF, however it wouldn’t have the safety gear and comfort of a modern fighter jet.

The MG HS is high-tech, low-budget luxury SUV! Hold on a minute, can all of that be included in the one sentence, let alone the one car? Yes, it certainly can, and we weren’t expecting that either!

MG has evolved to pack some incredible technology for a seriously reasonable price.

Features include:
• Active Emergency Braking.
• Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
• Lane Change Assist.
• Blind Spot Detection.
• Lane Departure Warning.
• Smart Speed Assist.
• Traffic Jam Assist.

Upfront you have a 10.1-inch centre touch-screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. We loved the way you run the air con settings through the touch screen. This was even cooler than the aircraft turbine-styled air vents. There are also 2 USB ports up front, and two in the back, to keep all your passengers charged up and happy!

The vehicle has keyless entry and start, leather-accented trim and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The seats are comfortable with ample headroom and legroom, and seat backs that both recline and fold flat.

Some might be skeptical of the quality of a Chinese-made vehicle, but the styling and driving experience of this vehicle are completely faithful to the original British quality.



In terms of cons, they were minimal.  The only really noticeable deficit was that the 1.5 litre  turbocharged engine seemed a little on the light side for a medium-sized SUV.  It just meant that from a standing start, it lacked a little power off the mark.

Overall, we loved the styling, technology and safety features of the new MG HS.

Put simply, if you are looking for an SUV with a lot of safety tech then this is a car you will want to check out. It gives a lot of cars in its class a run for their money, and in our opinion, beats a lot of them in many areas.

Full marks to MG for providing maximum safety features for minimum investment. At an incredible price point with a 7 year warranty, why wouldn’t you buy one?



Reviewer: Paul Spendlove, Car Hero +

With thanks to Aerotec Queensland for the beautiful North American T-28 Trojan aircraft.

Special thanks to MG Motor Australia for the loan of the MG HS.